Selections Process

Standard Features

When we give you a price for a particular model with the Premium Line Finishes. Those specific features are then incorporated in the price we give you. From there, during the selection process, you can customize your finish level up or down for products.

Step 1

Design Center
Full Time Selections Designer

Our Selections Designer is highly experienced, friendly and easy to work with. We will quickly get a feel for the style of décor you prefer, and guide you as much as you want. Some of our customers bring lots of pictures and have thought about many details ahead of time, and we will help investigate product options and help tie it all together. Other customers want to rely on us to more or less “put the whole house together” and only chose between “A or B”.

Step 2

Selections Center with Samples

For most of our customers, our Selections Center has more than enough product samples, and the selection process takes place in a couple of sessions. Our samples are labeled using a color scheme to denote four price levels, so it is easy to keep tabs of budget along the way.

Step 3

Easy to follow documentation so you’re never surprised

Selections choices are well documented both with product reference and pricing, so it is easy to refer back to. Once you have gone through the whole house with selections, we review with you an options sheet so you can 1) approve each item and 2) make trade-offs if needed to control the final, total budget.

Step 4

Product Knowledge

At Hillcrest, we offer our experience thorough analysis of alternative products and methods. As an example, we offer deep expertise in the so-called "green" area. While the objective of "green" is simple, the analysis of cost vs. benefit is complex. The prioritization and assessment of energy-efficiency choices is an example of what makes Hillcrest stand out. So, for questions such as windows, HVAC design or home automation, we will share our analysis and recommendation to guide you in reaching the right decision based on aesthetics, performance and budget considerations.