“Thank you for Hillcrest Builders so happy that we found you! We are so happy with the house and it's been a happy experience and journey."

- Ken and Nataliia

"Thank you Hillcrest Builders and Oyvind for our dream home in Elkhart Lake, WI! Quality build from foundation to framing, plumbing, electric, etc! Our house looks fantastic and works fantastic. Oyvind and his team were thoughtful and proactive in helping our vision become reality. See attached photos. Contemporary farmhouse with windows that extend to a high ceiling (to the roofline) with custom woodwork on the ceiling."

- Jonathan F

'They've been so nice about me and my constant mind changes... they have been incredibly gracious'

- Kristin and Tim

'We felt that Hillcrest really addressed all of our needs, worked with us, worked with the Village of Fox Point to make this house the most comfortable and special place to live, and we love it. It was a wonderful experience. We love living here. It's like paradise in Milwaukee.'

- Joan and John

'You start off sort of dreaming and talking about what you think you might want to do and how you use various spaces, and then the team helps you with some ideas. They came back with some ideas in terms of structural changes.'

- John and Julia

'Within hours of our first contact, he was onsite. He [Oyvind] did so very much for us over and above construction.'

- Joel and Jacqueline

'[Hillcrest is a] one place for everything kind of deal. We went there, you chose all your options. You chose all your cabinets, your countertops, everything in one place. They were really fast at getting you exactly how much it would all cost which we thought was very beneficial.'

- Ken and Sarah

'When you work with a bunch of people who have good lines of communication it makes the process a lot easier. So, overall, anything we ever asked Hillcrest, they helped us. They got it done, and we ended up building the house that really pretty much is the house of our dreams.'

- Michael and Taffi

'One of the reasons that we chose Hillcrest builders was, after we had been through several of their models, we decided that all the tastes that we had they incorporated in a lot of their houses, and we kind of picked and chose from that to come up with what we wanted for our home.'

- Gary and Debbie

'It had to be ergonomically friendly for my later years in life. It had to be energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and it had to be educationally rich. Those were my criteria and that is how this came about.'

- Catherine

'When Tim and Oyvind looked around, they had expressions on their faces where I could see they were imagining what it would look like as a finished product rather than just thinking about moving one item to another place and eliminating a window.

- Linda

'We came here, we liked it, everything was a smooth transaction. It was all here for us, all we had to do was move our things in, and it was a good experience.'

- Wilkens

"Although the building process is unpredictable, the staff at Hillcrest were top notch. My home turned out absolutely beautiful. The finishes Hillcrest offers are unmatched and the quality of work makes you feel like you have made a worthy investment."

- Kelly Clark

"We did a lot of research to find a builder in the area and had a general idea on location. Hillcrest not only had amazing designs and front-end work, but also had the lot selection that was perfect for our new home. The initial layout and design were very collaborative. All of the staff was pleasant and knowledgeable. We ran into some delays and normal construction issues, but our PM and the team at Hillcrest helped navigate painlessly. Communication was good throughout the build. All in all, we are so pleased with our new home and decision to enlist Hillcrest to build the home of our dreams!"

- Ryan Bauhs

"This is my second Hillcrest home and it been a pleasure to work with Oyvind."

- Heath Arnold

"Great experience, all needs were met, so happy with our home!"

- Michelle Wirth

We would highly recommend Hillcrest Builders to anyone thinking of building their home. Oyvind Solvang (owner) was great to work with, from the first email to the last, Oyvind always responded quickly. Hillcrest worked with us to completely customize our house plan and were responsive to any questions or concerns throughout the building process. We were moving from out of the state and were concerned that the house wouldn’t be done on time, but they went above and beyond to make sure they met the deadlines they gave us. We had a great time making our selections with Heather and John was there throughout the process to make sure everything was done correctly and on time. When we moved in, the house was perfect, we didn’t even have a punch list of items that needed to be completed. Everyone that walked in said it should be in a magazine! We had one small warranty issue a few months after we moved in and Oyvind made sure it was fixed and stood behind his work. I want to personally thank Oyvind for building us an amazing home and always being there to make sure we were happy.

- Dan

My family and I are starting the process of building a home with Oyvind and Hillcrest. I recently read a review, where the timeline for the entire process was documented, as well as the impression at the time of the post update. I thought it was a great idea and decided to do the same for our experience now.

After meeting with several builders in our area, we decided to move forward with Oyvind and Hillcrest in early 2020. We met several times, and outlined a home that fit what we needed. During this time, we met exclusively with Oyvind and he was great. We needed to walk away a week or so after signing into contract due to Covid. Oyvind spoke to us about it, and was very kind. We were able to walk away and did not forfeit any money. Fast forward 12 months later (December 2020), and we are again back and under contract with Hillcrest. We are now awaiting next steps to include selections, bank appraisal, etc. I think its good to point out at this point, why we went with Hillcrest. By far, our money went farther with Hillcrest. The product did not feel or appear as cheap as others (of note we live in a new construction currently, by another builder, within a community where Hillcrest has also built). The experience/service we had with Oyvind to this point, stood out compared to others. Really felt that rather than trying to just sell us a home, he was ensuring the home we built with him fit what we needed and we would not be back at another builder in a few years. I will continue to update periodically as big milestones occur with the build.

Update 4.19.21 We are a good 4-4.5 months into our process, and are still having a great time! Lots has happened since we have last visited this post. First we went through the selections process - flawless and effortless. I think its important to leave out names of those that we are interacting with, in an effort to respect their right to privacy within their job. Nonetheless, the selections representative was outstanding! They were able to maintain accurate records of every detail, despite changes coming from our end like a blizzard. In our mind selections was a great experience for two reasons: first the selections representative was organized, well versed, and navigated us through all the sections with ease. They stayed on top of changes and did a great job navigating when our eyes were bigger than our budget (which lets face it will for most individuals ALWAYS happen at some point). The second reason the experience was great is that we did a great deal of homework/research and were true to our budget. We knew the brand and model of pretty much everything we wanted in the house (faucets, toilets, lighting designs). We also looked at the project in totality, meaning we did our best to not get hung up on the small things that turned out to be inconsequential the following week. Oyvind during this entire time was great also. Responsive, informative, and respectful of our decisions. Always willing to educate us on different products, or when we are stuck provide information/opinion that helps us move forward.

Last week we met our project manager who is also great! Conversation was effortless and they are great at providing leadership on a variety of topics within the build. Whether that is advising on a design change (and the potential impact to finish date), or educating us on a non-attractive component of the build.... the septic tank. Again, common theme of respectful and ridiculously responsive. Again, we send an email and within the hour a response, on topics ranging from a question on purchasing appliances to a change order.

Perception is reality for everyone - at this point, I am just very impressed with our entire experience. We no longer feel like we have simply hired someone, but rather have friends we trust building one of our most prized possessions. In case your interested, we are building a 5 bedroom/4 bathroom home, on 2 acres with a budget of 450-500K.

- Joshua Prostek

"We are very happy with our Hillcrest home. Oyvind and his Team were great to work with on the front end, allowing many alterations to the original model plan, always willing to figure out how it could happen. Jon Lilyquist the Project Mgr was excellent during and after the build. As a Realtor, I can attest that Hillcrest is known in the real estate community as quality built homes."

- Mark Rittorno

"Working with Hillcrest and there team was easy and seamless. From starting the project with Dan to finishing it with Jim. And everyone in between. We now have a great home at a great price!"

- Pat Zuelsdorf

"We built with Hillcrest about 3+ years. My wife and I were very happy with all facets of the building process with Hillcrest. This was the 3rd home that we built and by far the best process of all. Oyvind helped us choose the lot and plan we wanted and helped adjust the plan to meet our needs. This was to be our retirement home and we wanted everything to be perfect. Heather was fantastic to work with on making all of our choices. Great to be able to touch and feel all of these at the model office. Jon, project manager, worked with us from Pre-construction meeting until move in day. He continued to assist in making sure all items were complete and finalized after this as well. I can’t say enough how pleased we were with everyone at Hillcrest and all of the sub contractors that we dealt with. Highly recommend Hillcrest to anyone looking to build their Dream Home. 😍"

- James Rusch

"Very Good Builder in the area.
You need to know what you want and they would deliver what you have asked for."

- Raju Dakoju

"It was a great experience working with Hillcrest. We loved the attention to detail and simplicity when communicating. Provided us enough information and time to make the right choice. Generously listened to all our questions and gave us the answers. Project Engineer/Manager was great to work with and helpful in providing us right tips."

- Nava Saka

"Hillcrest helped us build a very nice home. Their home plans are very well thought out. It was very easy to work with them. When we had questions about it we called them and answered all of our questions. Even after we moved in when we had questions Jon is available to answer them. I would build with them again."

- Mike Cortez

"I can't believe we have been in our home for 1-1/2 years already. We are so happy with our home. The whole building experience was great, that we actually miss the excitement of stopping by to see what was done. Oyvind and Hillcrest were wonderful. Yes , We would build with Hillcrest again."

- Bobbie Jo Stahl

Amazing experience, everyone was highly skilled and so helpful! Would recommend in a heartbeat!

- Tammy

Great design...happy with the results.

- Joshua

"Loren has been very easy to work with and addressed every issue we had. A really nice guy to talk to and answers all our questions."

- Ann Kaczkowski

"Our house was build by Hillcrest. Excellent service and beautiful people to work with."

- Mansoor Mirza